Magento to Shopify Considerations

With Magento 1 support coming to an end this year many businesses on the platform will be considering either an upgrade to Magento 2 or taking the opportunity to migrate onto another ecommerce platform such as Shopify. Whilst the thought of moving away from all the issues you have had with Magento might seem very tempting, there are a few factors that should be considered before making the jump that often get ignored.

Small functionality added

If you have had a Magento site for a number of years you will almost certainly have added a few pieces of additional functionality to it, either through modules or custom development. These could be something that is seemingly very simple but might not be offered through Shopify without additional custom development so it is worth looking through the site and remembering these custom additions and seeing what you can and can’t live without for launch on a new platform. Remember that every ecommerce site that launches always has people say things like ‘but our old site used to do this…’

3rd party integrations

Your Magento site is likely to integrate into a number of other platforms such as warehouse management, ERP or PIM systems. Whilst most integrations worth their salt with have a Shopify equivalent, it is always worth doing your due diligence and making sure these can be utilised with your new platform. As above, any custom alterations to these platforms will also need to be considered when migrating to Shopify.

Staff training

There are many similarities between Magento and Shopify but there will be a period of time your staff will need to adapt to the new platform – a period where there may be some animosity to the change – so this is always worth factoring in. Organising in-depth training as soon as possible for Shopify will go a long way.

A new agency

It is unusual for a really good Magento agency to be really good at Shopify as well. As a result, you may be looking for a new agency that specialises in the Shopify platform, a process that can take time and is always a step into the unknown. Don’t underestimate how long this process can take and the disruption that it can cause.

Need help?

If you need advice and support on the above, please get in contact with us to see how we can help with your ecommerce migration from Magento to Shopify.