Performing an ecommerce MOT

There is always something to do when running an ecommerce business, some planned and some not. This will often mean the basics of running your business fall by the wayside, having a direct, detrimental impact on the commercial performance.

Take a few hours and run through this quick checklist to help ensure your ecommerce website is running efficiently.


You’ll probably get a lot of your traffic from search engines such as Google so it is important to ensure that your content is optimised. Have a spot check of the following on several pages.

  • <title> tags are up to date and make sense
  • Meta descriptions are in place and relevant
  • robots.txt is not blocking any content is shouldn’t be
  • XML sitemap is in place and updating regularly

Site speed

Always important to any website, but particularly ecommerce businesses. A reduction in speed will almost certainly come with a reduction in conversion rate. A few simple checks to ensure a speedy website

  • Run your website through Google Lighthouse tool and act upon any relevant suggestions
  • Take a look at image sizes on important pages on the site and optimise if necessary.

Product schema

Run your product pages through the structured data testing tool from Google to see which data is present and what could be added. . The additional information this will provide on search results can help improve the click through rates from the search listings.

Product attributes

Checking the full data on your product set may not be realistic but it is always worth doing a few spot check to see if the filters your customers use on category pages bring back the products that you would expect. This simple check can often throw up a few nasty surprises and a few simple amends to some of your top selling products can ensure that they show to customers when they should.

Site search

Optimising site search should always be an ongoing task for your ecommerce team. We have written a post about optimising site search for ecommerce which could be worth a read!

Device check

Many ecommerce managers only look through their website on desktop devices in the office whereas it is highly likely that the majority of the site traffic is coming from mobile devices. Take out your phone and have a browse, make a test purchase and generally try and test the site to it’s limit. You’ll probably be surprised how many issues your find.