Re-platforming to Magento – Consider these integrations

There are thousands of modules designed to improve commercial performance when migrating or re-platforming to Magento 2. However, it’s advisable to keep modules to a minimum to ensure your site runs as smoothly and quickly as possible. Over the years I have used many modules/integrations on clients ecommerce sites, below are 5 that are commonly used and I often recommend.

I have used Klevu primarily for site search although it is also a powerful PLP merchandising tool. From a search point of view, the machine learning is excellent and the features such as autocomplete, popular searches etc enrich the experience. For most ecommerce websites site search is an extremely important piece of functionality so it is key that a robust solution is implemented

PIMs are becoming more and more popular with ecommerce websites by helping to ensure the management of products is as efficient as possible. There are now quite a few PIM solutions out there but Akeneo is one that integrates well into Magento. It should be noted though this does not necessarily mean that the integration is quick and the development costs initially can be high.

A solution that does all sorts out things, but best known in Magento for personalisation, product recommendations and merchandising. Nosto’s offering has gotten better and better over the years and for many ecommerce managers is integral to their website.

Wyomind data feeds
A simple but effective module for Magento. The data feed tool enables admins to create a range of product feeds, from CSVs to XMLs – most often used for creating a robust and automatically-updating feed for Google Shopping.

Probably my favourite enhancement for Magento. YotPo in the past was primarily used for reviews but now it offers much more such as loyalty programs, SMS marketing and UGC. These services are feature rich and generally integrate without issue into Magento.