When to upgrade to Shopify Plus

For merchants using the basic Shopify plans or looking to upgrade another platform to Shopify Plus, one of the most common questions is when is it a good time to do this.  There is the obvious expense (both development and licensing) but also the features and functionality to consider – are these going to make a considerable commercial difference to the business?  This post looks at these features available within Shopify Plus.


Launchpad is a Shopify Plus only product that allows merchants to schedule and execute events through the website.  The most common usage of this would be to manage a sale with a set start and end date – a useful feature that can save precious administration time.  This could involve scheduling creative and inventory levels of products within the sale or choosing when to publish certain products.

Launchpad also comes with realtime reporting so you can track the success of each event


To put it simply, Scripts allows merchants to personalise the cart and checkout within their Shopify Plus website.  These can be used for a range of things such as:

  • Producing bespoke discounts such as buy one get one free
  • Amending shipping options
  • Offer dynamic pricing

These scripts can be written through the Shopify Scripts API and there are a number of templates already in place that can be customised.


Flow essentially adds levels of automation to your Shopify Plus store that can either be built from scratch or use/edit the in built templates.  There are 3 aspects to Flow:

  • The Trigger – i.e. an event that has to happen on the site, such as an order
  • The Condition – What that order has to contain, such as a value over £500
  • The Action – What happens when the conditions are met, i.e. an email is sent

Examples of usage of Flow could include:

  • Sending an email once inventory for a product reaches a certain point
  • Automatically tag products that contain a certain word
  • Sending customer services a note when a high value order is made

Flow can also integrate into other 3rd party apps such as Trello or Slack

Unlimited staff accounts

If a merchant needs lots of different users accessing the website admin, Shopify Plus offers unlimited staff accounts – one less thing to worry about!

Customisable checkout

Shopify Plus provides access to the checkout files to add levels of customisation to ensure a consistent brand experience throughout the site, implementation of features such as auto address population and using Scripts to create a more personalised checkout experience.

Additional store

With Shopify Plus, 9 additional stores are available at no extra cost allowing merchants to bring their stores to an international audience.  This allows merchants to create stores in different languages and currencies as well as providing the flexibility to create tailored content relevant to that market.

B2B Features

Shopify Plus has additional B2B features that can be of benefit to merchants who are looking to move this area of their business online.  The main features include:

  • Custom pricing, including tiered pricing and volume discounts
  • Ability to review orders before processing
  • Wholesale only products
  • Password protected website

Enhanced Support

Merchants who sign up to Shopify Plus get both a launch engineer, who can provide help with 3rd party integrations, data migration and finding suitable partners as well as access to the Merchant Success Program – support and online courses to help merchants get the most out of the platform.