A module-less Magento?

Magento Commerce is the enterprise version of Magento‚Äôs ecommerce platform - a platform that is widely extended through a multitude of 3rd party modules.  These modules allow websites to implement…

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What is a PIM…and do you need one?

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Most ecommerce managers at some point will have come across PIM (Product Information Management) systems, regardless of whether your website is using one or not. Whilst PIMs are relatively new…

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Starting an Ecommerce Business

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With a relatively low cost to entry and the potential to sell to the world having your own online store can be a tempting proposition. This article goes through some…

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Performing an ecommerce MOT

There is always something to do when running an ecommerce business, some planned and some not. This will often mean the basics of running your business fall by the wayside,…

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Magento to Shopify Considerations

With Magento 1 support coming to an end this year many businesses on the platform will be considering either an upgrade to Magento 2 or taking the opportunity to migrate…

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