My offering is an analytical and common sense approach to conversion rate optimisation, with minimal reliance on expensive 3rd party pieces of software. This typically involves:

Experience-based optimisation
What works for one website will not work for another. Experience of working across dozens of ecommerce sites and multiple industries guarantees us the best chance of increasing your conversion rate.

A/B and multivariate testing
Removing subjective opinion and letting data decide, a/b testing plays a vital role in optimising any ecommerce website. We bring years of experience of defining, running and measuring tests, as well as implementing the optimal format for your site.

Analytics interrogation
Before any changes are implemented on your site, it is important to understand how current visitors are finding and using it. This invaluable insight ensures that we can base CRO decisions on relevant data rather than opinion.

Measuring and optimising results
CRO is cyclical. The optimisation implemented needs to be measured as closely and accurately as possible. The cycle then starts again, ensuring your website performs at its commercial best.

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About us

10+ years of ecommerce experience

I’m Paul Barrett and have been working with ecommerce clients throughout the UK to ensure their websites work as hard as they can do.  I do this by…


I enjoyed working with Paul to achieve a very rapid website MVP release, the specific requirements of B2B and B2C were a difficult balance without compromising the overall customer experience. I found Paul to be thorough and pragmatic, offering sound insights on ecommerce trends, tools and user behaviours. These suggestions helped to form an evolving and sound growth strategy that was aimed at being self-proving, through analytics to build deeper confidence and a wider understanding at board level.


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