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Looking to set up an ecommerce website and aren’t sure where to begin , have hit a roadblock or just need some support?

I can help you with everything you need to get you up and running, selling your products across the web. For the more simple ecommerce stores the cost to entry is surprisingly low and you may not need to enlist the services of an expensive development agency.

“I enjoyed working with Paul to achieve a very rapid website MVP release, the specific requirements of B2B and direct B2C were a difficult balance without compromising the overall customer experience.”

Aaron Bourne – Former Head of Digital, Aqualisa

The services I offer when setting up an ecommerce website include the following:

Platform Selection

Magento, Shopify, BigCommerce etc. I will run through your commercial ambitions for the coming years and help you decide which platform is best suited to help you achieve those goals


You may need to integrate with your existing accounts software, warehouse or ERP. This can be a difficult task if not managed correctly. I will talk you through all the steps to getting integrations set up on the website and working correctly.

Website design & build

We can design & build your ecommerce website based on your commercial goals and in keeping with your brand. The emphasis is always on delivering the best product based on your individual needs – no two builds are the same.


I can help you set up a robust reporting set of tools that will enable you to understand how you business is performing month and month and where improvements can be made.


Refining and improving your ecommerce website should be a priority, it is unlikely to perform commercially if left as is. Like a physical shop, it needs upkeep and refreshing in order to appeal to your customers. I can provide a strategy and support for keeping your website in the best shape possible.


Bespoke training for all key people within the business in how to use the ecommerce platform and the associated plugins.

Paul Barrett

My name is Paul Barrett, an ecommerce professional based in Brighton and London with nearly two decades’ experience in the digital sector – ten of those in ecommerce. I now provide consultancy and undertake contract work for online businesses across the UK.

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