Ecommerce Audit

Every ecommerce website can improve its commercial performance – over the years I have audited many websites to help diagnose potential issues, identify opportunities and recommend improvements. My audit service is completely tailored to the individual client and their needs but generally looks at the platform, the associated 3rd party technologies, analytical performance to date and UX amongst other areas.

The normal process I would follow during an audit would be as follows:

Commercial Objectives

What the business wants to achieve over the next 3-5 years

Business Learnings

Understanding how the business operates and its specific challenges

Analytical Research

Going through the website data to find immediate issues

3rd Party Analysis

Analysis of 3rd party implementation such as ESP, site search etc

Technical SEO

What should be improved from a technical SEO point of view

BI Reporting

Understanding what BI is currently in place and provide recommendations

Device Analysis

Identifying the challenges on mobile, desktop and tablet devices

Speed Analysis

Where can improvements be made to speed up the website


Once the audit is complete, I will present my findings back with recommendations and provide a soft copy of the report. We can then discuss how and when the improvements can be implemented and if required I can assist with creating a roadmap strategy

Why me?

I have been working in ecommerce for many years primarily in strategy with the sole aim of improving the commercial performance of clients websites through better functionality and making the most out of the technology that is already in place. All of my work is undertaken with complete impartiality.

Extremely happy with the results Paul has helped us achieve, rather than just doing the work Paul has a collaborative approach which allows you to learn why you are doing things rather than just implementing and hoping for positive results. As a business we are very happy to have Paul onboard to support us on our website development project, he ensures what we are showing meets our target audience needs.. which it is! The data speaks for itself.

Ben Cass
Skanwear Marketing Lead

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10+ years of ecommerce experience

I’m Paul Barrett, an ecommerce professional with over 10 years hands on experience. Over the years I have worked with many clients from startups to multinationals, auditing, replatforming and helping to devise & implement strategic roadmaps to hit commercial goals.

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